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Clipper Yacht Harbor Sausalito CA

Clipper Yacht Harbor is located in the beautiful historic city of Sausalito just 3 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge.

We are the largest harbor in Sausalito with 700 slips and dry storage spaces. Our slips have spectacular views of the San Francisco skyline and beautiful Mt. Tamalpais.

Clipper Yacht Harbor is the only full service harbor in Sausalito and can accommodate all your boating needs. We pride ourselves at giving our tenants first rate service. Whether you have a small boat or a large yacht, a sailboat or a powerboat, we have the options for you. Guests welcome!


Yacht Harbor

We accommodate avid sailors and everyday fishermen -

with space for 20 foot sail and power boats to 80 foot yachts.

With over 700 slips and dry storage spaces, we're the largest full service harbor in Sausalito.

Clipper Yacht is home to Sausalito's best (tenants only) launch ramp

as well as Sausalito's only public fuel dock.

Marina Features

3 Marina Basins

700 Slips & Dry Storage Spaces

Chevron Fuel Dock

Free WIFI for tenants

Easy Parking

Guest Dock

Controlled Key Access

Surveillance Cameras

New Restrooms & Showers

Laundry Facilities

Restaurants & Fish Market

Launch Ramp

Bait, Ice, & Drinks Available at Chevron Fuel Dock

Pump Out

Convenient Recycle & Garbage Bins

Grocery Store within walking distance

West Marine within walking distance

Available Services

30 to 50 Amp Electricity

Telephone Hookup

Water Connection

Fuel Dock on Premises

Pump-out on Premises

Guest Facilities

Launch Ramp

Rate Sheets

yatch dock

To Apply for Berthing

Tenant Must Be Registered Owner of Boat

Boat Registration Must Be Current

Boat Must Be Navigable

Evidence of Insurance

Berth Rates:

$12.35 per ft – $25.00 per ft of berth length depending on size and which basin.

Gate/Bathroom: $20.00 per key – These keys are purchased by the tenant.

No refunds.

Dry Storage Rates:

$105.00 per month – 14′

$212.00 per month – 20′ including trailer

$299.00 per month – 30’ up to 46.5 including trailer

$87.00 per month – Trailer only storage (max 30′)

Daily Use Rates:

Overnight Guest Berthing

$2 per foot / per night up to 69 foot

$3 per foot / per night 70 foot and over

Minimum nightly charge – $50.00

Dry Storage tenants – $12.50 per night

Electricity Charge – $3.00/night 30 AMP

Electricity Charge – $10.00/night 50 AMP


Yacht Harbor


Clipper Yacht Harbor’s goals are focused on being the best harbor in Sausalito. We require all tenants to follow the rules & regulations of the harbor.

1. Vessel Repairs: Tenant agrees not to use, or permit to be used, any paint remover, burning of paint, or spray guns on the vessel or his/her personal property. No major repairs of the hull, engine, or trailer shall be made to Tenant’s vessel or property while it is located at the Harbor. Only light maintenance to the vessel is permitted at the Harbor. Heavy sanding and fiberglass grinding must be done at a boat yard. Tenant shall survey carefully the amount of residue that may be displaced before beginning what appears to be a simple project.

2. Vessel Maintenance: Vessel or personal property will be maintained in a neat and clean condition. Vessels that sit idle months on end and look unattended will draw attention from undesirables. If Tenant elects to cover the vessel, a fitted cover must be used. Plastic tarps are not allowed. Weather, wind and sun cause them to deteriorate and, as they break down, small pieces fall into the water. Plastic tarps catch rainwater and can sink a vessel. Vessel covers also need to be hosed off from time to time and be kept clean. The area surrounding Tenant’s vessel should be free from clutter. Access to fingers between each vessel must be obstruction free and safe for boarding of vessels. Personal items must be stored neatly on vessels or in dock boxes. This includes kayaks and dinghies. Dry Storage spaces must be kept clean. Personal items should not be left around trailers.

3. Waste and Refuse Disposal: It is unlawful, and a violation to throw, discharge, or deposit any waste or refuse matter, oily rags, or flammable liquid into the Bay or at the Harbor. Any vessel with automatic bilge pumps must be maintained in a manner that insures this type of matter is automatically pumped from the vessel. Every Tenant should be using a holding tank or port-o-potty on their vessel. The pump out station at the fuel dock can be used as often as needed and is free to Tenants. Port-o-potties can be cleaned out at the port-o-potty cleaning station in back of the main restrooms between Basin 2 and Basin 3. Port-o-potties must not be emptied in the toilets in the restrooms. Use only the designated port-o-potty cleaning area. Tenant agrees to use oil-absorbing materials in the bilge of their vessel. Liquid waste must be disposed properly. No hazardous wastes and/or solvents can be disposed in the garbage receptacles. Hazardous wastes and solvents can be disposed at your Local Household Hazardous Waste Collection Site or the Marin Resource Recovery Center located at 565 Jacoby St., San Rafael, CA 94901 Telephone # (415) 485-5646.

4. Unsafe Conditions: Tenant is required to notify the Harbor Office of any unsafe or hazardous conditions that come to their attention. Disorderly conduct by a Tenant or his/her visitors that might cause injury to persons or damage to property shall be cause for immediate termination of Tenancy. All accidents to vessels, property, or Harbor property must be reported immediately to the Harbor Office.

5. Parking Policy: Parking is permitted only while using the Harbor. No long-term parking is permitted. Tenants are allowed to park their vehicle in the parking lot while they are on their vessel. All unauthorized vehicles or vessels parked at the Harbor will be ticketed and/or towed at owner’s expense. If you are going on a boat trip for more than a day and want to leave your car in the lot while you are cruising, a parking permit shall be obtained from the Harbor office.

6.Insurance: Tenants must carry a minimum of $500,000 (five hundred thousand) minimum liability insurance on their vessel and include an endorsement naming Clipper Yacht Co. LLC as an additional insured on their policy. All vendors, workers, and subcontractors hired to work on your vessel must carry a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance and name Clipper Yacht Co. LLC, as an additional insured on their policy. All vendors, workers, subcontractors with employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. Proof of insurance and workers’ compensation must be submitted to the harbor office prior to performing any maintenance or labor on any vessel.

7. Tide Tables: Sailing in and out of Richardson Bay at a zero or minus tide is not in good judgment. You can run aground if you are not careful. Tide books are available at the harbor office.

8. Pets: Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. You must pick up after your pet. Pet bags are available on the peninsula and at the walkway to the fuel dock for your convenience. Do not hose droppings into the water, please pick up and dispose in a garbage receptacle. Any dog or cat roaming at the harbor will be brought to the Marin Humane Society.

9. Dock Box: Remember to latch the lid of your dock box or the wind may blow it open and rip it off the box.

10. Electrical Cords: If you see a cord in the bay, report it immediately to the Harbor Office.

11. No skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, motor scooters, motorbikes are allowed on the docks.

12. Dock Carts are provided for your convenience. After you use the dock cart, please return it to the basin gate entrance for the next tenant to use.

13. No fish cleaning is permitted on the docks or anywhere in the harbor. No fish entrails are to be thrown into the Bay.

14. Report all toxic spills to the office immediately. Boaters are prohibited to use detergents and emulsifiers on fuel spills.

15.No fuel containers can be filled from a gas/diesel can into your boat while it is in it’s berth. If your boat is in Dry Storage only use legal vented containers.

16. Boaters must use oil-absorbing materials in the bilge.

17. Only legal hull paint must be used on your boat. The Harbor recommends nontoxic paints.

18. Unattended open containers of paints and other maintenance supplies should not be left on the docks.

19. No items should be thrown overboard into the Bay.

20. Rent and electricity charges are due on the 1st of each month. Accounts are considered past due if not paid by the 5th of the month.

Fuel Dock

Fuel Dock

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Thursday:

8:00 Am – 12:00 PM

1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Friday through Sunday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


Oil Change by Appointment Only

Phone: 415-332-3500

Propane & Holding Tank Pumpouts

Monday through Thursday:

8:00 Am – 12:00 PM

1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Friday through Sunday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Bait, Ice, & Soda available

Payment Options



Yacht Harbor

Once you have read the following, download our application, fill it out and fax it back to us. This allows us to ensure your information is kept confidential. Fax: 415-332-0257.


Tenant Must Be Registered Owner of Boat

Boat Registration Must Be Current

Boat Must Be Navigable

Evidence of Insurance

Please email or send a current picture of your boat along with your application.

Please contact our office for a Dry Berthing/Storage application

On Site Business Services


Chevron Fuel Dock – Fuel, Propane, Oil, Pump-outs, Oil Changes 415-332-3500

Club Nautique – Sailing School & Yacht Charter 415-332-8001

Fish Restaurant – Restaurant and Fish Market 415-331-3474

Harbor Dive Center – Dive Instruction and Retail Shop 415-331-0904

Hirschfeld & McCormack Marine Services – Mechanical Service & Maintenance plus Engine Sales 415-332-3507

Johnson Hicks Marine Electronics – Sales, Installations, Service 415-331-3166

KKMI Sausalito – Full Service Boatyard 415-332-5564

Oceanic Yacht Sales – Power and Sailing Yacht brokers 415-331-0533

Silver Seas Yachts – Full Service Yacht Brokerage, New & Used Boats 415-367-4022

South Beach Riggers – Rigging and Marine Chandlery 415-974-6063



Clipper Yacht Harbor is home to Sausalito’s only sport fishing fleet. Each boat features the latest and most advanced fish finding and navigation equipment available. All vessels are U.S. Coast Guard certified.

The Sport fishing vessels can be chartered for the challenge and excitement of local sportfishing, whale watching & nature observing, or for a special occasion.

For reservations, please contact the respective captain directly at the phone number listed below.

Sport Fishing Charters:

Boat • Captain • Phone Number

Blue Runner: Todd Magaline 415-458-8700

Hog Heaven: Sean Hodges 415-382-7891

New RayAnn: John Atkinson Jr. 415-924-6851

Outer Limits: Jim Robertson 415-454-3191

Salty Lady: Roger Thomas 415-674-3474

Sailing Charters:

Club Nautique: Dan Sanchez 415-332-8001

Power Charters:

Club Nautique: Dan Sanchez 415-332-8001


Clipper Yacht Club logo

After nine successful years in the Merchant Marines, Cliff Pedersen returned to Sausalito in 1946 where his vision for Clipper Yacht Harbor began to take shape.

Starting with 40 acres of land acquired through the War Assets Administration, Clipper has since grown into Sausalito’s largest and most diverse full-service harbor with over 700 slips and a full complement of marine services.


Clipper Yacht Harbor


310 Harbor Drive
Sausalito, CA94965


(415) 332-3500


Monday: 8:00amto5:00pm
Tuesday: 8:00amto5:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00amto5:00pm
Thursday: 8:00amto5:00pm
Friday: 8:00amto5:00pm